V Factor & Citizen Science

V Factor and Diatoms
A unique collaboration from April 2013 -June 2014

V Factor is an exciting volunteer initiative based at the Natural History Museum which targets collections based projects across our specialist science departments. The present project focus is on 'Making the invisible visible; Thomas Comber and his diatom specimens' based in Life Sciences within the Genomics and Microbial Biodiversity Section.
V Factor aims to bring citizen science alive through giving volunteers the opportunity to work alongside our experts and immerse themselves in real curation and research. At the same time it provides a framework for our museum scientists to undertake new projects and develop new ways of using our collections through engaging volunteers.

Through V Factor we are bringing the tiny and invisible world of diatoms alive and improving and increasing the awareness and access of these organisms and our remarkable collections of them.
We believe involving volunteers in our work is hugely valuable and enormously rewarding experience for all those taking part.

What will volunteers do?
Working under the supervision and mentorship of our specialist science staff: Edgley Cesar and Jovita Yesilyurt with support from David Williams and Pat Sims; volunteers will work together to database, search and link relevant available information from the Thomas Comber diatom collections.

Come and see us!

You can talk to one of our Volunteer Leaders outside the Specimen Preparation Area (of the Darwin Centre) on Thursdays to find out more about diatoms and see our current volunteers in action!



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