The Team

The following colleagues (listed in alphabetical order of surnames) are the team behind Diatoms Online. The project would not have been possible without their input and support.




  1. Edgley Cesar
  2. Ali Thomas
  3. Jovita Yesilyurt


  1. Therese Avedillo
  2. Rehemat Bhatia
  3. Yoke-Shum Broom
  4. Will Hunter
  5. Brenna Lattimore
  6. Renee Miller


Team 1:

  1. David Binder*                                                        
  2. Gisela Sepulveda*
  3. Grace Stafford*
  4. Kim Tickner*

Team 2:

  1. Dave Bishop*
  2. Sadia Bhatti*
  3. Lizzie Hillman*
  4. Maki Nishikawa*

Team 3:

  1. Peter Baker*
  2. Oliver Bramley*
  3. Rosemary Cafferkey*
  4. Robyn Crowther*
  5. Freya Mitchison*
  6. Fabiana Portoni*
  7. Rebecca Scott*
  8. Jacqui Ujetz*

Team 4:

  1. David Butler*
  2. Adam Field*
  3. Rebecca Kaplan*
  4. Jean Redsell*
  5. David Solomon*
  6. Mariam Turay*
  7. Etienne Van Niekerk*

Team 5:

  1. Sophie Binder*
  2. Abir Graoui*
  3. Koji Kenzo*
  4. Sital Patel*
  5. Helen Smith*
  6. Milica Velickovic*
  7. Limin Xu*

This site is moderated by Jovita C. Yesilyurt and Edgley Cesar. The Natural History Museum retains the copyright (of data content and images). 

The V Factor team consists of:
Project leaders (Museum staff, listed under ‘Maintainers’) with key support from David Williams (Researcher, diatoms) and Pat Sims (Scientific Associate).
Volunteer Leaders (listed under ‘Editors’) who have a longer term relationship with the Museum and the team
V Factor volunteers* who are rotated on a 10-week basis (listed under ‘Contributors’) are organised by the Volunteers Project Manager, Ali Thomas.

V Factor Team 1 (May-August 2013):

V Factor Team 2 (August -October 2013):

V Factor Team 3 (October 2013 -January 2014):

V Factor Team 4 (January - April 2014)

V Factor Group 5 (April 2014 -June 2014)

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