Diatoms in a modern way

People often say that when one retires, one will have all the time in the world to paint, read and indulge yourself in hobbies. Contrary to this, I find it a challenge to find time to draw and paint at leisure as I am involved in many types of activities. Hence I am always looking out for projects that  give me an excuse to sit myself down and engage in my art. As a volunteer in the Natural History Museum, I can often find some sort of inspiration to produce a thank-you piece, an end of project piece or a get well card which add more meaning to my work.

Last year as a farewell to the Throughflow V Factor project, I painted an underwater coral scene. For this year, the V Factor programme's focus is on diatoms. I have been thinking about this for many months, how to relate my art piece to diatoms. The other day, an opportunity came during one of my art sessions. We were going to create a modern piece using shapes from nature. Diatoms, being symmetrical and a variety of shapes, were a perfect model for my creation – here it is.  Enjoy!



Wed, 2013-12-11 14:51 -- Yokb

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