Along with volunteering in V Factor with the diatom collaboration at the Museum, Renee (one of our fabulous Volunteer Leaders) also attends a monthly meeting at an embroidery group. 

This is a small group meeting on Saturday afternoons at a local school and together they form the Blackheath branch of the national Embroiderers' Guild.  Members from this group previously produced some work for the first V Factor project on fossil corals and have now produced a new piece on diatoms.  (pictured below)


Most members did not have much previous knowledge of diatoms so Renee gave an introduction to these beautiful organisms and brought some books and props to the meeting. Some members carried out  their own research at home on the Internet but we hope you agree that the finished work shows just how much has been learned.

A very big thank you to the Blackheath Embroiderers Guild for making this beautiful piece. Come and see this piece of work displayed in the Specimen Preparation  Area (SPA) of the Darwin Centre.

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