Let there be (diatom) cake...

I'm not entirely sure this is exactly what dieticians and ‘detoxers’ have in mind when they think of a 'diatom diet' but I have absolutely no doubt that they are 100% more delicious!


Interestingly, diatoms (more specifically non-toxic, food grade diatomaceous earth) can be used for the following:
a.) killing off certain pests in your home/garden such as slugs, snails, fleas, ants.
b.) as a dietary aid to weight loss/detoxing in humans

The principles are the same in the both instances though one is harmful to insects with exoskeletons and other common garden creatures such as slugs and snails and the other is non-harmful to humans/mammals and can also be beneficial to plant growth.
The silica frustules of the diatoms (in non-toxic, food grade diatomaceous earth) when ingested by humans breaks down the food in your stomach quickly thereby effectively flushing out your system. Equally in insects and garden creatures (as listed above) the silica lacerates the body or carapace of the snail/slug or insect, damaging its body which results in dehydration and ultimately, death. Similarly, if an insect eats the diatomaceous earth the same applies but damages internally.

Thankfully, no creatures were harmed in the making of these beautiful creations but they were lovingly and hand painstakingly made by Gisela (V Factor group 1). Thanks Gisela!

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