Notes on Classification
The list of genera has been taken from different sources to accommodate the needs of the project. Whenever possible they have been linked to an 'Order' rather than to a 'family', this is due to the instability that the family concepts in 'Diatoms' are still facing.

The project aims to provide names list, specimens collections and publication lists for at least one species identified in each slide as this data is compiled from T. Comber identifications and handwritten notes as well as some microscopic images that T. Comber has taken from the slides, which will be a work in progress.
Whenever possible we will also list synonymies and/or nomenclature information as well as species description. T. Comber collections include several type specimens.

We will continue to update and add names to the list, not only for the duration of the project but also following our yearlong collaboration with V Factor. We hope that further interest will be generated around diatoms and these collections after this time and that further collaboration from staff/volunteers/scientific community will enable continued development of this valuable resource.

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