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Latest news:

  • Presentation by Jovita C. Yesilyurt at the Citizen Science Cybersummit on Friday 21 February at UCL. More information here:
  • Sci-Art workshop coming soon in March -See 'Contribute' for more information and to sign up.

Recent milestones:

  • At the end of January, through all our brilliant volunteer support, 1140 (out of 2850) diatom slides have been digitised
  • We held a very successful Sci-Art workshop with 13 participants (including students from Central St Martins, diatom lovers and Museum volunteers)

Here's just 20 minutes of their creativity to share with you...Thank you to everyone who helped to make the workshop a success and those who took part. We look forward to seeing your fabulous 3D designs in June. (submission date for work is Monday 2 June)

  • By the end of session 8 (on 20 March 2014) our current V Factor volunteers were running at high speed -processing a massive 99 slides in one session (2 hours long!)



  • V Factor collaboration with diatoms begins! We welcomed our first volunteers in to the Specimen Preparation Area on Thursday 30 May 2013.
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