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Latest news:

  • Presentation by Jovita C. Yesilyurt at the Citizen Science Cybersummit on Friday 21 February at UCL. More information here:
  • Sci-Art workshop coming soon in March -See 'Contribute' for more information and to sign up.

Recent milestones:

  • At the end of January, through all our brilliant volunteer support, 1140 (out of 2850) diatom slides have been digitised
  • We held a very successful Sci-Art workshop with 13 participants (including students from Central St Martins, diatom lovers and Museum volunteers)

Meanwhile here's a just 20 minutes of their creativity to share with you...Thank you to everyone who helped to make the workshop a success and those who took part. We look forward to seeing your fabulous 3D designs in June. (submission date for work is Monday 2 June)

  • By the end of session 8 (on 20 March 2014) our current V Factor volunteers were running at high speed -processing a massive 99 slides in one session (2 hours long!)



  • V Factor collaboration with diatoms begins! We welcomed our first volunteers in to the Specimen Preparation Area on Thursday 30 May 2013.
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